Thursday, 31 August 2017

Surprising Ways To Use Camphor In Your Home

Camphor is one of the magical products available in the market and has a number of medicinal properties. The strong aroma of camphor not only removes the bad or negative vibes from your home, but also refreshes the overall environment. It has been used for past many years in a number of applications. You can apply it on your skin in different ways, but that requires expert advice because using camphor directly on open wounds can be dangerous. Therefore, it is advisable to take professional assistance before using it in any application. Camphor Manufacturers serve you the best quality and therefore, you should always consult them.
  • For Ants: Do you have a lot of ants in your home? Tired of using a number of chemicals, but no results? Don’t worry, liquefies a little edible camphor in some water and spray all over the floor or area and see the results straight away. By applying this, you can simply get rid of ants at home.
  • Get Rid Of Bed Bugs: Bud Bugs are another common problem most of the households face, but with the use of camphor you can treat them effectively. The use of camphor not only drives all the bed bugs away, but also prevents them from coming back too.
  • Cure The Insect Bites: Camphor also helpful in treating the insect bites as it gives instant relief from the pain. But as above, you should not apply it on open wounds as camphor becomes poisonous when it comes to contact with your blood. Therefore, take expert advice before use.
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