Wednesday, 26 October 2016

4 Ways To Ensure The Purity Of Essential Oils

Essential oils are great for the skin, health, hygiene, body and mind. However, buying an essential oil seems easy; but actually, it is very hectic when it comes to identifying a fake one. Identifying fake oil is not less than a challenge even for the trained aroma therapists. The various Essential Oils Manufacturers claim to be authenticated even when they are not. But here are some tips which can help you to determine the purity of any essential oil manufactured with any brand.

4 Cool Ways To Determine The Authenticity Of An Essential Oil:-

Name: The first sign you are required to notice is; the name of the oil. Make sure they have listed the name of the plant on the label. For instance, if it is only lavender oil it might be perfume oil and not an essential oil.

Container: The essential oils are stored only in a glass container because the oil's strong components break down with a plastic container.

Texture: Every essential oil is a little slippery. However, they should not feel thick or greasy. Some oils that are rich in color are exceptions to this point.

Price: High price doesn't signify the high quality of such oils. Also, a price tag that is too low is considered as bad quality oil.

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